From one of the creative minds
behind SkullTronix™ comes the new
cornerstone of cutting-edge Halloween props for the professional or home haunt!



About Us




Mike Fox

Before leaving to launch Night Frights™, Mike Fox was one of the creative forces behind SkullTronix™, creating audio and animation routines exclusively for their popular talking skull. It was about that time that Mike began integrating his life-long passion for all things Halloween into his professional work where he produced original music, audio and video production for radio and television commercials for national clients like Subway, JCPenney, Tower Records, Blue Diamond Almonds, and many more. MIke's voice over talents have also been featured in national television commercials, radio spots and animated films, not to mention diverse character voices for video games released by some of the top names in the gaming industry, including Nintendo and Sega. Mike can also currently be heard nation-wide as the voice behind the DIY Network's "Turf War" program.












Jean Fox

Jean Fox is the head of the Night Frights Makeup Department. Though originally renown for making A-List celebrities look their best, Jean is the talented artist behind the intricate make-up applications featured in the Night Frights Ghost Bust and Scary Mary Mirror videos. A long-time industry veteran, Jean is considered by many to be the go-to person when an artist of her caliber is required for an important shoot. Pictured at left is just a small sampling of the celebrities Jean's worked with over the years including: George Lucas, Lance Armstrong, Joe Montana, President Clinton, Sammy Hagar, and many others.