"What I love about the Night Frights products is that they just WORK!"
-Tom Pendergast, Six Flags New Jersey



Zombie Bride, Ghost Bride

Zombie Bride or Gothic Ghost Bride... Night Frights delivers the best of both!

One of our finest works to date, this brand new 3-D projection illusion is a full body prop with posable arms and legs that offers a ghostly presence like nothing before it.

Zombie with rotted skull faceghost bride in full wedding gownZombie bride with freaky eyes and face


What's your preference: Zombie Bride or Ghostly Corpse Bride? With nine spellbinding tracks on the DVD, the Bride covers the spectrum from atmospheric haunting messages from beyond the grave to just plain freaky zombie tracks. The Ghost tracks come in either spectral blue for that classic Halloween feel or in ultra-realistic white for those that want to see the fine detail in rotting faces.

Each Ghost Bride Man-imation comes complete with life-size body form with posable arms and legs and specially crafted facial area, manikin stand, projector, projector ceiling mount and the accompanying video routine. You just supply your favorite costume, a DVD player, and a sound system to plug it into.

See our full line of other life-size creepy character Manimations, all of which use the same re-usable hardware. Swap out characters by changing their costume and inserting a new DVD!

This is a prop that you really need to see live to appreciate. Your patrons will stand in awe at the site, so make it part of your haunted attraction today!

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