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Night Frights!

How To Make a Towering Monster

Create your own 8' towering monster with a few common household items. You'll need:

Attach the backpack to the pole. The trickiest part of this project is attaching the backpack to the broom. You'll use the backpack to mount the monster upon your shoulders. This may take some experimentation depending upon how your backpack is configured. Hopefully you'll have plenty of zippers on your backpack to connect zip ties to, which will help you wrangle the backpack onto the broom. On our backpack, we were able to bring the zippers on the two side pockets together and zip-tie them. We brought another zip tie around the back of the broom and through this zipper junction and fastened it tightly to the bottom of the broom. Another zip tie easily connected the strap at the top of the backpack to the broom.
Create the shoulders. To create the shoulders, cut the pool noodle in half. Make a slight bend in one of the metal rods, and insert in each half of the noodle, leaving a one-foot gap in the middle. Bend to form a convincing pair of shoulders.
Attach the head. Insert the broomstick into the hole at the bottom of the wig head. Place the shoulders behind the wig head's neck and duct tape like crazy, securing the wig head to both the broom and the shoulders.
Create a chest bar. To imply a chest, bend the second metal rod into a U shape to make a chest bar.
Fasten the chest bar. Poke the ends of the chest bar into the noodle about a third of the way down from the head, with the bottom of the U projecting out.
Create the shoulders. Fasten the chest bar with duct tape. Slicing the end of the duct tape up the center about two inches will allow you to position tape around the bar and around the noodle. Use a generous supply of duct tape to attach the chest bar to the noodle.
Attach black fabric. Attach a piece of black fabric to the shoulders by wrapping an end around the noodle and duct taping into position. (Photo shown from behind.) This fabric will hide your face from the audience. It should be wide enough to span the shoulder width (around 2') and long enough to reach well beyond your waist (around 4'). If the material is not translucent enough to see through, carefully cut eyeholes.
Drape the cape. Drape a cape around the shoulders and tie into position.
Add the mask. The cherry on top is a creepy monster mask of your choice. Place the mask on the wig head. You may want to place black duct tape behind the mask's eye holes so the white wig head doesn't show through.
Complete! Voila! You're done! Carefully put on the backpack and adjust the height of the broom on your back. An assistant is invaluable to help you don the backpack and finesse the look. Dressing in black will enhance the illusion of a tall body. A pair of creepy monster hands will add another dimension to the fear factor.

OPTIONAL: Monstrous Munching Mouth

We took our towering monster to another level by bringing his face to life. This was done by simply creating a false arm and puppeting the mouth with the freed-up hand.

Create the arm. Stuff one monster glove with tissue to give the fingers substance. Then roll up newspaper or butcher paper into a bulky cylinder. Push the paper arm into the end of the monster glove and tape into position. Wrap a piece of material around the arm and tape at the wrist. Add another band of tape in the middle of the arm, but leave end open.
Attach the arm. Fold the end of the black material over the chest bar and tape into position. This will create a dangling arm, the top of which will be hidden by the cape. This fake arm is a diversion, allowing your real arm to operate the monstrous munching mouth.